As a provider of home infusion services and specialty pharmacy, AOM Infusion provides a number of products and services to our patients. This Disclosure Statement applies to all pharmacy and nursing services owned and operated by AOM Infusion (AOM).

When physicians engage with AOM Infusion to provide pharmacy and nursing services, to their patients the following services are provided and may include, but not limited to:

  • Referral Intake: enrolling patients in AOM’s service, initiating our referral process which includes, insurance eligibility and benefit verification, identification of alternative coverage options, onboarding of the patient for services, scheduling of initial medication order delivery, provision of supplies necessary for the prescribed therapy, coordination of nursing services including patient education for each new patient admitted to service;
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Services: dispensing of all medications, solutions and supplies as ordered by your prescribing physician in accordance with applicable law, the use of common courier services for the delivery of such medications for example UPS or Federal Express, to facilitate the delivery of your medication and supplies in accordance with your instructions, and the provision of all necessary ancillary supplies (e.g., syringes, needles, and alcohol swabs) required to administer your prescribed therapy.
  • Ongoing Clinical Support Services: including comprehensive patient education, assessment, clinical interventions and management, monitoring of therapy adherence, provision of drug counseling and related clinical patient care management activities, physician consultation, clinical follow up calls to coordinate refill deliveries, managing ongoing medication orders, and monitor for adverse events and related ongoing delivery coordination.  Services further include insurance follow-up including assistance with coverage appeals when required.
  • Social Services: helping the patient to identify and facilitate access to patient advocacy programs, hardship support through AOM, and patient assistance programs through manufacturers.

If AOM’s patients would like additional information regarding our services in addition to the information that has already been provided on admission, AOM will provide patient with the requested additional information.

AOM complies with all applicable laws, including applicable patient privacy laws. AOM retains the sole and exclusive right to use and disclose patient information and de-identified data, provided AOM’s activities comply with applicable law, including applicable patient privacy laws. AOM retains the sole and exclusive right to and ownership of all patient records and information contained therein, including without limitation, patient identifiable data related to or generated in connection with AOM’s lawful activities and de-identified data created from its pharmacy records.

AOM purchases our drug inventories either directly from manufacturers or from licensed drug wholesalers. Discounts off the acquisition cost of these products are often made available by manufacturers.  AOM may receive compensation from manufacturers related to the provision of certain programs or pharmacy services. A pharmaceutical manufacturer may require a purchasing pharmacy to report selected HIPAA-compliant de-identified information to the manufacturer (or the manufacturer’s vendor) regarding the pharmacy’s service levels and other dispensing-related data for patients who receive such manufacturer’s product, all of which are HIPAA compliant.

AOM represents and warrants that its pharmacy services maintain the strictest clinical objectivity. AOM does not recommend or engage in activities to promote specific products or therapeutic substitutions except to recommend a generic equivalent product where allowed by law; or in situations where the dispensing pharmacist, in their professional judgment, believes that the medication prescribed by the physician may be clinically inappropriate or unsafe for the patient (the medication is substituted with the consent and order of the prescribing physician; and when specifically directed by the patient (e.g. previous experience with a certain product). Certain materials provided by AOM to patients may be provided or funded by pharmaceutical manufacturers, in which case, AOM complies with applicable law related to such materials.

This Disclosure Statement supersedes previous disclosures and/or statements made by AOM in connection with the subject matter hereof.