Our Story

AOM Infusion has been a leader in infusion care for 30 years, with a pharmacy license in all 50 states. Our team infuses great care in everything we do so our patients can improve their health and live an enhanced life. We specialize in the care of patients with chronic conditions who may require a more complex level of treatment. We have decades of experience providing therapy for over 80 chronic conditions. We are expanding our therapy solutions and investing in innovative platforms so that we can continue to deliver state-of-the-art care to more patients across the country.

Our Management Team

  • Christopher York


    30+ years leading health care businesses, including specialty and home infusion pharmacy providers

  • Keyur Mehta

    Chief Executive Officer

    25+ years optimizing infusion and specialty pharmacy organizations

  • Deon DeFreitas

    Chief Sales Officer

    20+ years of diverse health care management leadership with extensive sales experience

  • Brian Kriete

    Chief Financial Officer

    20+ years in corporate finance for private and public companies

  • John Vlahopoulos

    Chief Clinical Officer

    15+ years of clinical leadership in the health care industry

  • Murrie Fichtner

    Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

    30+ years of revenue leadership experience

  • Lindsay Battles

    Vice President of Human Resources

    20+ years of creating positive employee experiences

  • James Gust

    Vice President of Information Technology

    25+ years of IT leadership in the health care industry

  • Karmen Stowe

    Vice President of Trade Relations & Supply Chain

    25+ years of developing critical trade and supply partnerships

Our Commitment

  • Exceptional Patient Experience
  • Expertise in Complex Chronic Conditions
  • Personalized Infusion Care
  • Connected Care Technology
  • Convenient Patient Access
  • 24/7/365 Patient Support
  • Proven Optimal Outcomes


Our mission is to provide an exceptional patient experience that improves health and enhances quality of life through our commitment to clinical excellence and personalized infusion care.


Our vision is to become the nation’s most impactful provider of innovative, transformative and compassionate infusion care for patients with chronic conditions so they are empowered to live life to its full potential.



We believe in service excellence. We are advocates for our patients and strive to ensure they have the best experience and outcomes under our care. We are caregivers, guides and partners in managing their health.


Providing great care requires close collaboration. We work with our patients, their caregivers, payors, health care providers and other partners with transparency, responsiveness and thoughtfulness.


Our team is always exploring and implementing the best treatments, protocols, partnerships and solutions to enhance the care we provide.